The RedZone League Donation Page

Please read the following before you donate:

"The funds generated from all bids will go into the Red Zone League General Fund." This fund will be used to cover the cost of day to day operations for the league, payment for the radio show subscription, purchase trophies and other giveaways at the discretion of the Commissioner.

NO REFUNDS will be given unless the league is disbanded and terminated. If the league is disbanded and terminated, refunds will be given based upon the original percentage of your bid towards the the RZL General fund.

GM Dorian Edwards will the Co-Commissioner Chief Financial Officer and will be responsible for reporting any and all transactions made with league funds. The report will show the original balance before transaction, the amount of transaction, and the new general fund balance. This report will be shown on the league facebook page after every transaction made."

By clicking the donate button below and sending in your money, you are acnkowledging that you have read and fully understand the guidelines listed above and agree to be governed by the preceding statements. If you do not agree, please close your web browser.